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DVD promo video

So that we can offer them to you at the cheapest possible price - as well as give them that personal touch - our CDs and DVDs do not come with a jewel case, insert or label, but they will be personally autographed to you by me. Also, the audio and video quality is still very high, and we use only the highest quality and most durable TDK gold CD and DVD media.

As our preview videos are in ISO MPEG4 format, QuickTime 6 or later is required to view them. However, our DVDs should work without any problems in any current DVD player.

Exercise and Yoga DVD
introduction video clip

exerciseyogapromo1As negotiations with publishers for my health and beauty book have taken far longer than we ever anticipated, we have decided to release the exercise and yoga DVD we shot to accompany it as a separate product. Because this DVD is intended for the general market, it is non-nude, but I wear some very sexy, exposing outfits, and get into some remarkable poses! Plus of course, it is a great guide to healthy and sustainable exercise that will keep you slim and fit, yet is also very low impact. In addition, I demonstrate the full range of yoga poses I perform, from simple and basic to quite extreme and advanced (of course, you don't need to perform all of these poses yourself to stay fit - you only need to do what you feel comfortable to do).

Although this DVD is more professionally produced than our raw demo DVD, it is still shot and edited in our trademark "minimalist" style, to make it feel more personal and real.

Raw Demo CD and DVD (nude - only available from my adult online store)

During the time we've been preparing my first commercial products (such as my soon to be released health and beauty book), we've recorded a fair bit of demo material for various projects. As a lot of it was far too good to just throw away (and I know my fans have been waiting very patiently for more new material from me), we decided to release the best of this material in the form of this fun DVD and CD.

The DVD features my famous belly dance striptease video (in full DVD quality), as well as some great unreleased footage, including me singing and playing piano in the nude, and a great new nude hula hoop video. The CD features 10 tracks, including songs in English, Mandarin (Chinese) and Japanese, as well as four solo piano pieces. Among these are CD quality versions of my very popular MP3s, which you can listen to absolutely for free below. Here is a full track listing of my CD.

MP3s of Sachiko singing - in three different languages!

Sachiko on piano





River of No Return

The Silvery Moonlight
(Mandarin Chinese)

The Flowers

Thirteen Days
In France

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